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Гипнолог-биоэнергетик стал 13-ым кандидатом на пост мэра НовосибирскаThe 13th candidate for Mayor Novosibirsk was Leonid Pugachev, Director of the OO " Dom Doctor " , hypnologist, phytoterpeth, bioenergoterapt, parapsehologist, known in Novosibirsk, thanks to his experiments on the treatment of cancer based on popular fairies and the effects of toxic poisons on 30 January.

On 30 January, Leonid Pugachev applied for election to head Novosibirsk. On the News-Siberian Gorisbiercom site, he is represented as Director of the OO " Domashny Doctor " , the Pugachov himself on his home page on the Moy Circle represents himself as a hypnologist, phytoterapt, bioenergoterpet and parapsyologist.

As indicated on his page, he is the author of the matrical theory of oncology, the theory of AIDS, the the theory of Birth Influenza, other “multiple medical developments and pyrotherapy nephew – treatment of fire”.

" There is an energy matrix in the affected area that destroys a man from the inside. In the view of Pugachov, the disease can go, the matrix explodes at 125 °C. " Because we recommend that our patients go to the bathhouse and evaporate as long as the temperature can be maintained. " Leonid Yakovlevic has developed an open flame treatment technique, which is now called pyrotherapy, and has been successfully applied by the newspaper Vedosity of Novosibir Oblast.

Leonida Pugachov ' s books are translated into English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, and the treatment of open fire has been sparked by the popular folklore - the customs, traditions and fairy tales in which heroes are tested in flames and become invincible - on the website.

It is also known that the Pugachov has conducted research on the effects of the miracle icon on conventional white mice: " a lethal dose of four chloride carbon has been introduced. Iconu was set 30 centimeters away from the test group of mice. The result was stunning -- mice not only survived, but long after not ill. "

Pugachich finished the Novosibir State Mediversity. The papers in the gorizbier were as self-propelled.

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