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Aureveda Bioenergy Secret Of Health


Health is a condition of the organism in which all its functions are performed efficiently and easily. It's a state of comfort, ease, ability to eat, move and perform other life functions. This is a condition that is achieved through the harmonious work of the different bodies. It is a condition of an organism in which all organs are easily discharged.

If the stomach and the intestines perform effectively the task of resuscitating and curing food; if the heart and blood system are in good condition and provide a good circulation of blood; if the lungs provide a non-bearable flow of oxygen into the blood, if the brain performs all of its functions and the skin provides normal bleed, this is the basic signs of the zdorov. In that case, we do not suffer from malpractice or pain, and we can carry out all the actions we have done. Being in this state is the greatest pleasure and pleasure. Our Lord of Mercy enables us to preserve all organs and parts of our body in our initial state of health (of course, if we care not to hurt them) and therefore to remain healthy. But if we don't take care of the health of these organs, we can't be healthy.

Health is the balance of the three poems of the body, namely, vats, pits and caps (Aurveda), provided that the brain and organs bodies working smoothly and harmoniously, a man is calm and happy and carries all his lifelong responsibilities lightly and unintentionally. It's a condition where a person sleeps well, has good appetite and digestive, normal breathing and pulses, sufficient blood spray, strong nerves and tranquillity, free bowel work, normal urination, pink cheeks, shining eyes. It's a condition where a man sings, jumps, smiles, laughs, whistles and moves with ease and pleasure. It's a condition where we can think, speak and act right.

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