Bioenergy Challenges

It is not by accident that waste is being treated in an increasingly important industry. In Russia, particularly in the North and Siberia, there is a large amount of swallowed wood from which no more than one third is used. The vastness of Russia ' s spaces, the lack of handworks and the lack of roadblocks hampered its wider development. Trees who have lost their age fall and rot.

The Kyoto Protocol determines that the incineration of renewable fuels is not harmful to the environment, as the unladen but destroyed plants are degraded when rotting and carbon dioxide is released. Incineration of mineral fuels was reported as the cause of global warming. We will not discuss the validity of these provisions. We note that many countries have adopted laws in this regard that encourage the use of renewable fuel, which, by the way, has been necessary for the manufacturers of pellets. In particular, for German and Swedish. The production of the pellets was initially based on the use of the saw.Хибаци. Вчера и сегодня But often, the number of opiates that emerged from one or more near-fired logs did not allow for cost-effective production. There is a popular direction where all waste, including bite, is blured into a tree flour from which the pellets are made.

Pellets are convenient domestic fuel. But incineration requires special heating devices. In addition, tree granules are not so cheap. They were attracted in countries where the authorities took a large part of the costs either by subsidizing the construction of home-to-point devices or by providing tax incentives and other preferences to pellets and boilers for their incineration.

Black Land customary soil

This direction is attractive as an exporter. While the demand for pellets in Europe cannot be sustainable, it can be safe to say that a certain amount of pellets in the market will be required long enough. Of course, demand will depend on world oil prices and Russia ' s success in laying new gas pipelines in Europe, weather conditions and competition from other fuel producers. However, for example, in areas adjacent to ports where conditions exist for exporting products to Europe, production has been quite appropriate.

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