Биоэнергетика болезни

Bioenergy Of Disease

Кифоз Шейермана-МауMental workers who spend a long time in a stable situation suffer from chronic pains in their neck.

  1. Pain (in peace and motion), restriction on the mobility of the affected spine unit.
  2. In order to alleviate the pain, the patient has to find a comfortable body.
  3. Heading, visual impairment, ear noise.
  4. Dicomfort in the leg, hips, egghead, soft feet. Disordering symptoms when the patient falls asleep with a clan.
  5. Spondilysis is often accompanied by osteochondros.

The treatment of this scourge must be addressed at an early stage. This will help prevent the development of chronic radiculitis. Spondilysis is difficult to treat.

Сопровождения острыми болями в области спиныIn the lumbar spine column, the following treatment methods are anti-resistant: spine extraction, intensive manuscript and massage, spine mobility exercise.

The following is a series of exercises at the spondy of the cervical spine unit:

Shaerman-Mau disease

One of the spine pathologies is Sheerman-Mau's disease, which is a cyphosis variety. During the child ' s growth, the age of adolescence appears. The causes of the disease are still unknown, but one version is hereditary. Other causes are bone tissue growth injuries and mouse tissue pathological changes.

Incorrect sanctuary contributes to the development of Sheerman-Mau, and the resurgence improves the disease.

An X-ray study is used for diagnostic purposes, and it defines the degree of expression and deformation. E-neuromography and magnetic resonance (MRI) are conducted for a deeper survey.

The neural system in this pathology is not disturbed, but the vertebral curvature results in the deformation of the chest, causing problems with breathing and heartwork. Sheerman-Mau's treatment can be conservative and surgical. What should be done to prevent the spine sparkling? Therapy includes LFK methods (health gymnastics), massage, physiotherapy. Recommended corset wear.

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