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«Битва экстрасенсов»: участники о татуировках и биоэнергетикеThere are many tattoos these days. And even those who make them do not overthink the history of this ancient tradition, they still make some symbolic meaning in the drawing. If you want to do the tattoos, and what that might lead to, they once told the psychic.

Tatus history

The art of drawing on the body was a long time ago. There were whole rituals, special devices allowed by one and not accessible to another.Лилия Хегай: татуировки и их магическое значение Likewise, the chiefs and wolves, the priests and the elders were decorated. According to the figure on the face, the people of the same tribe were able to find a fellow and migom to reveal the alien. So the images on the body are not just hierarchical, but really scrupulous.Магические символы и их значение But there's a difference in the picture on the body. It's a brand that wasn't invented yesterday, and it's a turnaround of the ages, so romanticized by many young people.

Often, people are caught in tattoos in minutes of serious shock, responsible decision or in memory of any event. The beginning of a new year or a new stage of life for a tattoo amateur is marked by a new image, be it a humble inscription under his heart or a pagan venzel in the back.

Tattoos on " Extraxins "

Extrasens in this popular mystic show are also often tattoo holders. Julia Wang, Natalia Banteeva, Nicole Kuznetsova, Namtar Enzigall, Marilyn Kerro, all those people with gifts and well-known project fans wear these messages on their body and evidence of some decisions taken.

The 13th Dimitri Volhov extrasens also has a tattoo and sees nothing dangerous about it if it's done the right thing. And here's a member of the same project, Elena Golunov, comparing the lottery tattoo. You can get a good picture, and then life will change greatly to the best, but it's possible to seriously harm your fate.

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