Процветание или выживание

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Who's taking the course.

Sergei Ratner - psychic, bioenergy, healer

Head of the International Centre for the Secrets of Power Ltd.

The finalist of the Israeli Bitch of Extrasens,

Author of more than 100 spiritual development courses,

Creator of hundreds of meditations and effective equipment,

A teacher trained over 100,000 people,

A man who's been working with energy for over 20 years,

Author of books:Bioenergy secretaries"School of Bioenergy, Jasnoid, Shungith."

The uniqueness of our approach

True knowledge

During any course, seminar or course, Sergei Ratner is connected to the energy channel and transmits knowledge directly from the primary source.
You won't be able to recount other people's books and theories.

Effective technology

Sergei Ratner only provides effective and efficient medicines and equipment, which have been repeatedly tested by him and his students with positive results. You can use these equipment anytime.

Practical training

The transfer of knowledge is at the energy level: during the course (even if you look on the record) all participants are connected to the right energy channel. This makes learning and results more effective at times.

Synthesis program of the "JUSTARY" course.

8 hours

1. Introducing it.

In this exercise, you will be familiar with the very notion of clarity, understand that it is, and how clearly you can use in our daily lives.
You will know about the world of energy and the opportunity to interact with it.

Employment 2. Reading energy of objects and products.

In this exercise, you will learn how to read the energy of objects and products. It is not always possible to know the energy that some things and products contain. By interacting with objects, we are automatically in contact with the energy that contains the subject. It would not be too much to read the energy of the objects, but in particular the food, to avoid being caught in a situation where there was something incomprehensible and difficult to identify the source.

Employment 3. Thinking: a distance transfer, a reading of thoughts.

In this class, you'll learn what Mosley is. How long-distance thinking goes, reading minds. You'll learn in real circumstances. You can understand that this is real and can be used in everyday life. The use of these techniques is indeed wide.

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