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Эволюция биоенергетики

Books of Professors appear in 1992. Mr. L. Apanasenko, the Revolution of Bioenergy and Human Health, marked the beginning of a new era in the development of valleyology as a science in medicine.

Unfortunately, the book had already become a bibliographical seldom, so the publication of it on the Internet would allow all those who wished to know its contents.

The book examined the shortcomings of the concept of risk factors in the prevention of chronic non-communicable (somatic) diseases and, in view of the fundamental biological patterns, a new, `energy ' concept of prevention was justified. A methodology for estimating the individual ' s level of somatic health in direct indicators, as well as a rapid screening methodology available for secondary medical personnel, has been presented. Somatic health levels are defined and quantified below which somatic diseases develop and death risk increases. Based on the methodology developed, the issue of assessing the physical development of children and adolescents was addressed. The appendices provide methodological recommendations for the rapid screening of the level of somatic health of children and adolescents.

The book is designed for doctors and researchers dealing with individual and public health issues.

G. L.Apanasenko EVOLUTION AND HEALTH human beings)
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