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Bioenergy Of Hair

Beauty and Health Watching SPA body эфирное масло кипариса

Chiparis oil

Cyparis, he's Cupressaceae, an eternally green double-haired beauty, reaching about 30 metres. The Mediterranean is wild, and for decorative and curative purposes, it is cultivated in many countries with a warm climate. In Russia, kiparis grow in Crimea.

The ancient Greeks and Romans considered the cyparis a very strong tree and used it to build ships and other economic needs, as well as their housing, temples and coffins. In addition, almost all parts of the plant were used for curative purposes.

Cyparis oil properties

The potassium is derived from its fruits, nuts and leaves and small branches. This arrogant fluid contains patience, pinen, camphene and pedineol, as well as some acids. These constituents determine the remarkable properties of cyber oil. It is capable of destroying many diseased microorganisms, rehabilitating a person ' s emotional state, beneficially affecting skin and hair when used externally.

Use and testimony for potassium oil

Everyone knows that cyparis butter is very good with the nerve, the baths with this butter make sense of fatigue and get rid of the insomnia. With irritance and other emotional disturbances, it will help calm down and gain emotional balance. It is also possible to use kiparis oil as aphrodisiac in order to increase the sensitivity of erogenic zones and to encourage bleeding in small pelagic organs. In this sense, it is effective even for people who are not very young.

In people ' s medicine, cyparis oil is used in varicosis, hemorrhoea, menopause problems, infectious and broncho-legal diseases.

In the tradition of eastern medicine, in particular in Tibet, the use of cyparis oil as a cleaning tool remains until our time. It is used to treat diarrhoea and reduce body and leg sweat.

Bioenergy specialists They call cyparis oil a " protector " . It can prevent human outflows to an energy vampire, as well as protect the chakra from extraneous switches: glazing and deterioration. It is recommended that a water vessel and 3-4 caps of oil or aromatic lamp be placed in the night of bed for a more calm sleep. You can wear aromamedalone or put oil on whiskey and wrists a few times a day.

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