обучение биоэнергетике

Bioenergy Training

The course " Residence of Destiny " is an effective interconnection of bioenergy and eco-sensoring techniques, the development of theoretical and practical material in these areas, the creation of skills to work with their own energy and cosmogenetic channels, which enables any person to develop his or her paranarmal abilities.
The ability to work practically with bioenergy, enables us to improve health, reduce the impact of stressors on psychology and solve many life problems or mitigate them.
A strong bipolar, a dense aura of man is, in addition, our energy shield that protects us from various kinds of aggressive energy impacts: glazing, flogging, vampires, etc. Strong bioenergy gives a man a sense of self-confidence, a happy attitude to life, a ability to achieve its goals. Apathy and lazy, a man forgets about depression.
A combination of theoretical and practical skills enables a learner to gradually learn from the use of a variety of energy-correct applications depending on the situation. You'll learn to answer the key question of any correlation work, which ginger to push to remove the root of the problem. The channelling in different frequency bands can answer the second question: what instrument is needed to press a button.
The upper stages of the course offer an opportunity to learn more complex aspects of esotterics, such as carmas, carma laws and their impact on human fate, egregons and options for our interaction with them; to understand the practice of spiritual uprising in different religious and philosophical backgrounds.

This step gives primary knowledge of bioenergy and basic concepts.
Bioenergy is a healer on the air, a plan of thin bodies, at this stage, you receive information on human energy channels, the building of human aura, the location and meaning of Danes, chakra, meridians.
Comparing the two main ancient human bioenegetical systems, You know what their similarity is and what the difference is. Chacra awareness is accompanied by tools for harmonization and self-containing medicines. Essential energy needed to clean the thin fields and harmonize the work of the chakra helps in this work.
Development of hands on special channels, tactile experience in bioenergy, possession of an astral hand. This is the first step. Acquaintance with respiratory practices that help to stem the flow of thought and to achieve a light working trance, which will be required for further work, is being initiated. Signing energy security rules helps to avoid typical mistakes.
In order to protect against energy aggression, the focus is on the first of the protective channels and washing for its development.

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