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Definition Of Human Bioenergy

Hello, esteemed readers. Do you often ask what is the biolocation frame? ”

Okay, let's get to the point.

What's a biolocation frame?

Biolocation Framework - This is a working tool for a biolocation operator - an indicator by which a specialist can receive answers to questions posed. What topic can questions be asked? Almost any one that does not violate the operator ' s safety regulations.

Looks like a biolocation frame like:

Фото биолокационных рамок

1. Direct frame. 2. Roll with solvent(s) 3. Double solvent (stalle) frame 4. Warehouse frame 5. Mobile resonator frame (medium) 6. Double resonator framework (medium)

You can read the articles on the species of biolocation frameworks and how to build them (calibrations).

What can be done with a biolocal framework.

The biolocation frame is used in biolocation work in various fields and areas of human life. Most often, they measure quantitative and qualitative values, and they also carry out different searches (e.g. search of objects, objects, detection of geopathogic zones [both on the ground and on the map], identification of pathology in humans, etc.).

1. Domestic biolocation.

Use of biolocation in everyday life.

Through the biolocation framework, the trained specialist will be able to select, within a short time, the most suitable foods, verify their freshness and quality, obtain the right clothing, verify his own compatibility with the surrounding objects; for example, verify the suitability of the particular car or apartment in which he lives; determine the compatibility with the actors with partners or others. For example, energy compatibility, partnership, emotional and sexual compatibility with a certain person can be verified.

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