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Can we look into the future, see what's usually hidden from the eye, read the man in pictures or even in personal belongings? All this is possible for someone who has a gift of clarity.

People who see the world differently with supernatural, phenomenal abilities that can receive and process information less than others do. And history knows a lot of examples. Nostradamus, Vanga, Wolf Mesing, Edgar Casey, they're all on hearing. To some extent, the ambiguity of each individual is one of its manifestations, in particular the intuition, but only some of this gift is particularly distorted.

Clearance is a form of psychic perception that a person can extract information using a scientifically unknown background. Usually, we study the world using the sense organs (view, hearing, etc.), a clearly visible one with the gift of capturing information flows from the invisible and inexpensible information field surrounding us is air. This information and energy field is available to everyone, with its trail or blindness leaving it in photographs and in the individual ' s personal effects. All of this explains why a psychic can see at a distance, through time and easily circumvent the protective " blocks " to read information that a person is consciously or unconsciously capable of supplying.

Is it safe to be clear?

For a man who knows how to use his gift and to use it for the benefit, there is no danger. The effect of a clearly visible individual on another person is generally merely to read data, which is also totally harmless. Another case is how the information holder will manage his knowledge. So before we go to the clearer, we should be interested in his reputation, have a preliminary meeting in which to try to objectively assess whether you can trust this psychic.

What kind of abilities do you have?

A person who has a gift of clarity and unique abilities may: - receive answers to questions that are mentally addressed: human beings, subject matter, events (hereafter, present, future); - determine the cause of negativity, failures, diseases following the patient; - feel the energy information field surrounding the human person in the volume. ♪ ♪

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