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Effects Of Air Oils On Human Bioenergy

zelebnoPlant oils are helping to get a mental balance. The nature of their actions, the re-establishment of the protective forces of the organism, the strengthening of the aura, the blockade of the effects of negative disturbances.

A man can't live without plants. And not just because they're providing oxygen, we need it. Nature is beneficial to each of us. You've been pointing out the tidal after rest on the beach of the river, the sea, walking into the woods. It's a great pleasure for me to walk around the woods. I'm going home as I was born again. How much power and energy she gives me.

Plant oils are very powerful. They're not only treating the body, but strengthening the soul. The gap between the astral and the mental bodies creates an invisible shell that protects us from negative impacts.

The oils are selective, they'll be sent as an ambulance to the most needed. So their operation is selective.

For years, using oils, I've been so used to their help that I just can't live without them.

exist. Classification Air oils by typehelping restore energy in different life situations.

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