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Enhancing Human Bioenergy

Demiduk G.G.
GS " ENEROOTON Science Centre "
Republic of Belarus, Mr. Brest

Each living organism has a developed bioenergy system with its entrances and exits capable of absorbing and accumulating energy, distributing it between organs and individual cells.

To date, there are two concepts in the world in terms of the whole life and, in particular, human organism, disease and treatment.

One of them, which has recently evolved, is biochemistry-physiological (European) and the other, coming to us from the depths of centuries through India and China, energy.

In the first direction, human organisms are considered at the telex level, without any notion of thin energy. This direction is characterized by scientific and technological advances and, on the other hand, by the inability to cope effectively with the constant rise of serious diseases (miocard infarction, stroke, oncological, viral diseases, AIDS, etc.) with the problem of ageing.

Nevertheless, many scholars and the author of this methodology seek to explore themselves and the world in the unity of the two concepts, complementing and not excluding them, with health and longevity. Among such scientists are physics, chemistry, biologists, doctors: Louis Paster, Pierre Kuri, Vladimir Vernadsky, Alexander Gurvic.

The issue of health in the presentation is addressed from both concepts. A man is a special phenomenon of space and time.

All hidden, cognitive knowledge is in our own hands, and the new amazing properties and qualities required to enter the complex world of the third millennium can be acquired.

All functional human systems work as energy information structures. Energy processes at all levels of subconscious organization (celebrity, mineral, intelligent and social) form an energy field.

Central and peripheral nervous systems form the energy field. If the field parameters are lower than the norm, this indicates a poor state of health, a weakened immune system, a poor energy exchange in the system.

The proposed methodology allows for the harmonization and development of energy structures, the improvement of hemorrhaging, the work of the brain and the vegetative nervous system, the enhancement of immunity, which leads to general health.

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