Сила энергетики человека

How To Feel Human Bioenergy

Энергетические каналыIn the universe, energy exchanges are continuously and continuously taking place to maintain the spiritual and material energy balance. This energy circulation is part of the energy conservation law.
In fact, it's an energy exchange. The energy produced by the human being is outdated. But according to the laws of energy conservation, a person must receive energy from outside. There's a need to communicate.

People talk for personal gain. When people interact, there's an energy exchange, one gives, the other gets the opposite. If people like each other, they have an intensive energy exchange. At the same time, both enjoy the communication.

Even if the two who have a mutual attraction don't speak, pretending to be indifferent, their energy fields still reach each other. As they say, "I am attracted to him."

When two people communicate between their auras, there are channels through which energy flows flow into both sides. The flow may have any colour and take any form (these may be seen with psychic abilities).

Energy channels connect partner aurons through appropriate chakra depending on the type of communication:
Muladhara is a family.
The wedding is a lover, a family couple, fun friends and family.
Manipura is family, employees, subordinates, bosses, sports friends and those who compete with.
Anahata (sternity chakra) is emotionally interacting, these are the people we love. In order to promote a harmonious relationship between men and women, there is a need for a canal and a sex pox (swadhistan).
Vishudha (horn chakra) - Conspirators, colleagues, etc.
Ajna (single chakra) is the embroidery and arrogance of the cube leader, etc. Hypnotic channels, speculation. A telematic connection with another person.
Sahaserra (wife Chacra) is linked only to egregors (collectures, religious communities, sects, football clubs, political ideology, etc.)

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