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How To Purify Bioenergy To Another Person

Stay away from the people who scorn your aspirations. Little people always do it, while great people always let you feel that you can be great, too.

Mark Teven

Just recently, you and I have discussed what a positive man is and how to be. We all seek to communicate as much as possible with positively loaded people, getting a bod and energy charge from them, but we do not want to deal with their opposites - negative people. Who are they? How do you know them and, most importantly, how to clear your life from their presence? That's what you'll find out about.

First, let me share my definition of negative people.

First of all, it's people who always complain and scream at you. They're not going to make a move on their own, but they're shy, and sometimes they're demanding, and they're getting your help. You'll have to go to their place for once and you'll be held responsible for all the misfortune that has happened or will only happen to such a man in the future.

A negative man never supports you, moreover, he's willing to make efforts to get your idea to fail. If you start thinning, wait for him to come with a delicious cake, if you quit smoking, he'll be happy to put smoke in the eye. Your failure and feeling of your own powerlessness makes them happier and higher.

Toxic people tend to be completely closed to criticism and very painfully perceived. Such people do not want to change themselves and hate any attempt to change the order of things. They're annoying, and failure's a joke. A negative man sees everything dark, doesn't believe in his power and spreads the atmosphere of despair and despair.

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