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Human Bioenergy

Our universe is a huge power reservoir. The countless quantums, forming powerful flows, saturate the universe and form the general energy field of the universe. The modern quantum theory argues that everything consists of energy, which is the main value of any size system, up to the infinity. The universe that we know and the part that we are, is also subordinate to the laws of energy and, like all living, is inspired. The human body and everything is an expression of energy. Man is a small universe that can produce its own energy and receive it from the big universe.

What is human energy? It's his life force, which consists of two components of energy: external and internal, telematic and spiritual. Tale, depends largely on the environment, on the food and water we use, on the actions we do. Spiritual is dependent on our internal condition - emotional stability and positive or negative thoughts and intentions. The thermal energy accumulates internal, spiritual energy and directs it outside. Our body is ideally a guide to our Dear. It's not worth saying that harmony starts from inside. Clean and sincere positive thoughts and intentions are the foundation of our health. Clean action based on harmonious internal I'm the Harmony of Life!


Many people have signs of strong energy, and any man in the vicinity of such an energy can feel them. They are also manifested in the nature and behaviour of such people, they are characterized by charism, commitment, self-confidence, high spirituality, and many others, indicating their high energy potential.

The energy potential of a person is his ability to develop his own energy, to accumulate and absorb it from outside, and also to use it rationally. Using energy. ♪ ♪

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