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Human Date Bioenergy

Энергетика человека по дате рожденияThere is a new colleague in the collective, and many are beginning to feel discomfort while communicating with him. And by the end of the working day, such a fatigue is coming. But with a woman from the neighbor's office, she'd say it's like she's warm. What is it? Everything depends on human energy. The term " energy vampire " had long been inserted.

Such people are happy to contribute to the workplace or the family. It looks like they're drinking if they're fighting. The suffering and reliance of others gives them pleasure, and these very surroundings are witnessing weakness, weakness, reluctance to do business.

Что такое биоэнергетика?Bioenergy: What is this, diagnostics, treatment?

In order to speak of diagnosis and treatment, bioenergy must be determined. This term is referred to as a discipline studying energy processes in the living organism. The process of the plan " includes " biochemical processes that ensure the activities of all its bodies.

And the organism can suffer from a lack of energy and its excess. If the energy is missing, a man has a premature ageing. Horse may also be involved in the first and second cases.

Расчет по дате рожденияAll the objects and physical bodies around us, like an invisible shell, surrounded by each of our energy fields or by biopole. Many have heard of it under the term " aura " .

This aura is where bioenergy diagnosers work. Such people see the biopol and are able to scan all changes in the body. Any healer professional can even determine the causes and consequences of a disease.

Куда пропадают жизненные силы?Bioenergy treatment in two ways:

  1. Contact is a way in which the doctor, by his hands, directs the flow of clean energy specifically to the affected body or to the biopol. Bioenergy can remove bad energy from humans by replacing it with healthy and clean energy.
  2. Cybers with a huge energy supply and capable of focusing their attention are using uncontacted means or distance-based treatment.

In any case, such a specialist should be familiar with a high-quality, saintly observing the basic medical rule: " Don't hurt! "

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