Магическая диагностика

Human Diagnostic Energy

измерение биополя, диагностика биополя

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AURABOOK (aura Diagnostics) unique innovation instrument in the Russian market.

Aurabauk's diagnostic device makes it possible scientifically. Science has streamlined the disparate knowledge, accumulated civilizations of the East and has brought them in line with modern human perceptions, their relationship to peacebuilding.

Aurabauk is a new generation, has the ability to visualize aur and human chakra, their dynamics, shape, colour, phases, visible volumes of aura and chakra, the W-Sin cycle, the energy balance of Yang-in, the sound of auras, to assess spiritual practices.аурабук, энергетика человека The instrument is used in any diagnostics, especially objective in the study of impacts on biopols (both harmonized and negative impacts by sufficiency or dangerous limit).

Human energy is the subject of a study of the Aurabuk instrument in all its diversity, a combination of biophysical, psycho-emotional and planetary scales. Aurabauk is needed to assess the quality of healing techniques, to improve physical, energy and spiritual aspects, in order to assess the results of the various different aspects. spiritual practice♪ Aura Diagnostics by means of the Aurarabuk instrument gives a large individual diagnostic information and knowledge of the human being as a complex energy-related system.

Aurabuk and human spiritual growth

Spiritual growth must be conscious and have a clear direction.

Aurabauk allows a person to be traced in a consistent and harmonious manner, with the results of the initial, intermediate and final results. It's enough to take pictures of the auras to match the results with the coordinate system of human spiritual growth: progress, stagnation or recession.

Aurabauk and the color of the aura.

The colors of the aura are one of the basic parameters of the human being. Each has its own distinctive colours and its ratio. There are no two identical human bipolar compounds, there is always a difference in semi-tons and shades, based on which individual vibrations are coloured.

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