Энергетическое строение

Human Energy

It used to be thought that only the chosen ones could see auru. Leon Shue, psychic and psychic, refutes this belief: he's convinced that the vision of aura is under the power of anyone who has a wish.
In his book, he explains what aura is like, what it looks like and how it affects human health. You will learn that women ' s auras are different from men, learn to recognize the character of the man by the color of his aura and even determine the compatibility of partners. In addition, in the book, you will find energy self-protection technologies, effective ways to get rid of flogging, glazing and negative.
Having developed these skills, you will notice that many things are easier to give to you: you can easily determine if your chosen one fits you, you will always know if your health is well, and you will feel better, spiritually and physically.

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