Фотография и ее влияние на

Human Energy And Its Impact

We'll look at the end effect of the kiln in terms of bioenergy. A person ' s illness occurs because he has been exposed to negative energy (externally obtained and self-propelled), i.e., bad behaviors or anxiety. The sand heat keeps the rest of the life force of the fire that wins "negative." Fire is the most powerful "rector" negative energy, and if By myself. In large quantities, it may be harmful and even dangerous to a person, the heat left of it will never harm a person. The Chinese interpret it as follows: "living flames, exterminating negatives, resting (steeply warm), satisfying the victory is a strong "positive, healing, body and soul."
Russie was respected. There's never been any waste left behind by the furnace, they've never been burnt in it, and it was thought that such an act would make her feel better.

The place on the furnace or near it has always been offered to expensive guests. And not only because there was the warmest place in the house, but also because there was a lot of positive energy in the oven, as we say now. There's a saying: "The furnace of the soul warms, the enemies die." So the positive energy around the oven is so strong that it can destroy the negative energy of the enemy.

Everything that gave the furnace to a Russian man was read as a gift above, so the glory was used in the case of evil.

The ash was used as a mosquito: it was washed, cleaned the dishes. At the end of the day, the Russian furnace (the weld) washed small children. It was considered that such washing not only washing dust and dirt, but it was a cure against purity.

Gold was exposed to open wounds, treated gold, various skin diseases, pedicules and many other diseases.

In many parts of Russia, a young man and a girl, confessing to each other in love, and giving each other an oath of "in the ash" to put a piece of bread in the ash and eat it together. (Stay, if you eat a piece of bread filled with ash, the burn will disappear.)

The vaginas were blending blood in the ass to create a liquid cough. It was poured into a flat dishes, then fled. The picture left in the dishes interpreted the fate of a man. It was very popular during the war when men wanted to know if they would return home alive or die.

The gold had taken the crops, planted the animals. Our ancestors said, "All that fired, for the benefit of the living."

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