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Human Energy Treatment

Особенности биоэнергетикиA clear example of bioenergy, as an essential mechanism, is the photosynthesis process of many plants and even micro-organisms. Solar energy as a generator plays a key role in the photosynthesis system. Accumulating in the organic structures of individuals, whether microorganism or plant, it moves into heat, then processed by different membranes and organisms, which occurs at a more “toncom” molecular level. Such processes can also flow into the human system!

Human bioenergy

In terms of modern medicine, human bioenergy is not relative. This concept, which consists of two components: " life " and " activity " , is hardly hidden by one of the basic mechanisms of living organisms as such. It is because of different bioenergy processes. A person is capable of active activity in general, and any irregularities in processes, their lack or condition may lead to various serious illnesses or even premature ageing. In order to avoid such a deficiency, it is recommended that the personal " energy field " be maintained.

From the existing techniques, anyone can find something in the shower. Concerning Bioenergy Various psychological and psychological, physiological procedures. The simplest of these " exercises " is the banal habit of giving muscles sufficient rest after intense physical work to ensure sufficient " breathing " and oxygen saturation of all body cells.

The proponents of the bioenergy theory, in most cases, emphasize a certain link between the so-called " arc " and the human body. So one of the characteristics of bioenergy is its significant dependence on the individual ' s psycho-emotional status. More specifically, in terms of bioenergy, a person ' s emotional background depends directly on his physical sense. At the same time, we can easily see the reverse, when the physical disorder breaks and the emotional state of the individual, changes his mental balance.

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