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биоэнергетика, лечение руками


Kiev, Dnieper, Zapozhnier.

In dealing with patients, Grigori Lvovic uses acuppressur, bioenergy, handwriting and other authoritative methods.

Grigori Lvovic can help you in these situations:

  • Restoration of biopole;
  • Removing negative emotions;
  • assistance in internal diseases.

The esteemed visitors to our website!

If you have any doubts about the activities of Fudim Grigori Lvovic, we hope that they will be dissolved after reading our patients and visitors. Also, you may have a more detailed view of the curriculum vitae, the certificates and awards of the national healer and the psychic.

Summary of psychic and healer:

  • Over 30 years of practice, more than 100,000 patients were assisted;
  • psychic and healer in 14 generations;
  • PhD, Historical Science, Psychotherapist;
  • Author of 19 books with a total circulation of 50,000 copies;

Restoration of biopole, assistance in force loss

Do you know a situation where chronically lacks strength, ends lazy and apathy to all the surroundings? It's all good in life: mutual understanding, strong health, successful work. ♪ ♪

The reason for this internal condition may be biopole. Every man's biopol is constantly attacked. This may be some kind of stress and misunderstanding with close people, or the direct influence of the negative emotions of another person, e.g., flogging or glazing. In that case, without Bioenergy Don't bother. Grigori Lvovic will help restore power, and he also advises how to support himself and his biopole in tones so that the energy does not go anywhere.

Eliminating negative emotions, treating bioenergy

Removing the negative and the old offenses is a complex process that cannot be solved. Most people are naturally accumulating a load of negative in their souls. This makes it hard for them to move forward and to get new positive emotions. In the event that people themselves are unable to release their past negatives, they simply need external assistance.

Specialization. Grigori Lvovic specializes in hand-help treatment and helps remove all this negative because of his psychic gift, clean up your biopole and recovering a flow of life-saving energy, without which a man cannot live happily and fully.

By the way, you can learn how to manage yourself, life energy inside you and learn how to target you at seminars or at the School of Healing in which Fudim G.L. teaches himself.

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