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Impact Of Alcohol On Human Bioenergy

Most of the images of alcohol are imposed on humanity by false propaganda of television, newspapers, magazines and other media, as well as false family traditions, which have been firmly entrenched in the current society. Thus, many people become unconsciously held hostage to programmes that have been laid as a child, which creates serious obstacles to human and social development.

L.N. Tolstoy and our contemporarys G.A. Shičko, F.G. Uglov, V. G. Zdanov, with their supporters and followers, have been and continue to report the truth about alcohol damage for many years. The nature of alcohol ' s influence on " tiny " (emergical, astral, mental) human bodies, i.e. on his soul (or in other words " The essence of the human being " ), for the first time, has been described by a Russian scholar, academy Nikolai Vikov Levasov, in his book entitled " Humanity " .

How does alcohol work?

Alcohol, falling into a human body, sucks into blood and spreads with blood flow to all body cells. In the cells, alcohol, as well as other food, falls into cell kernels, further into the DNA molecule structure, which absorbs all the substances entering it. DNA molecules disintegrate ethylene alcohol into primary matter that feeds human souls. The quality of the mothers received affects the maintenance of human life and the individual protective shell (biopola). When the ethyl alcohol spreads into the DNA, there is a saturation of a man's air body with negative energy. This violates the density of the entire human protective shell, which is formed by the redistribution of the mother between the bodies of the essence, which is physically reflected in a bad feeling after drinking. The poor performance of one or more bodies has an impact on the overall human protective envelope, since the combination of protective casings of all organs creates a single human protective field. A detailed description of how the N. V. Levasov ' s protective shell is formed is provided in the book " Basic and Rauma " .

vliyanie alkogolya na suschnost

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