In Western megapolis, there is a new religion called mindfulness, consciousness and early meditation. In London, they became a new yoga, especially among business and ambitious girls. Svetlana Kolczyk went to London and checked some of them on her own.

Fifteen well-addressed people in London, and I'm quietly sitting on chairs in circles. Everyone's got a singing strawberries. Which we're about to eat. The key word here is " conscious " . In English, this means mindfully that it can be translated as " full presence " or simply " carefully " .

"Look at this little strawberries as if you see this berries for the first time in your life, speaks with a strong accent of a teacher, an effective brunette of years 35. Her name is Chincia, she's from Italy and she's a clinical psychologist. - Bring the strawberries to the nose, smell her, she's still dead. - Put it in your mouth, feel the shade of taste, texture and how it dissolves in your language. "

We're sitting in the burning candles of the fire room, high windows and ceilings with the blind, in an elegant victorian mansion on Fitzroy Square, near Ridgeents Park and Camden. The place is called The Mindfulness Project. Now it's one of the most relevant addresses in the advanced London public. It's called obsess Retreat. This is a six-hour seminar, during which only a teacher is allowed to speak. And we have to keep quiet and media out of our minds trying to look inside ourselves, forgetting, of course, these six hours, what mobile phones are.

The notion of mindfulness itself is an extremely fashionable thing in Europe and America. Western sociologists encrypted mindfulness as the first word of the year. What does mindfulness mean? A little different lifestyle. Where there's less rush, more concentration and philosophical attitudes to problems. Also, skills training, contrary to what we need today ' s reality: 24 hours a day, permanent internal competition with the surroundings, multitasking and, in general, running.

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