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Daoho Practice Meditation

Даосизм. Читать о даосизме - учении о пути Дао. Статьи по Даосизму на портале эзотерикиDaosism is a study of the great Dao, the general law and Absolute. It's a lot, it's an endless movement. Dao is a kind of law of life, space, universal unity of the world. Dao is dominated everywhere and everything, always and unlimited. Dao gives the beginning, the name and shape of everything.

This set of Daosism exercises is aimed at enriching life energy by compressing exterior genital organs with thighs. The man's complex is called "Scrutinizing the kidney capsule."
The woman's option is "Scrutinizing the kidney" Yin.

Preparatory provision: Stand straight, legs on the shoulder width, hands to be free to the parties.

Reinforce life energy, restore calm. Hand-washing resembles the wings of the phoenix. When you're doing the exercise, you'll be able to get rid of the excitement that occurs after previous classes. That's why it ends the whole cycle. Reference position: feet on the shoulder width, hands hanging freely along the torso, fingers a little. ♪ ♪

Ice thyroid. In ancient times, it was thought that a gold frog had supernatural power. This exercise simulates the movement of floating frogs - from here to name. The second name comes from the basic movement of this exercise (a small circle in front of the chest, which you must describe with your hands. ♪ ♪

Reinforce the spine, improve the kidneys. Movements in this exercise remind the trail of a dragon's tail playing in water. You must describe three circles in front of you. Through this exercise, the back muscles will become more flexible and strong. ♪ ♪

This exercise is designed to relax leg muscles, hands, abdomen and waist. It burns extra fat, helps to get rid of diabetes and age hypothesis caused by overweight. The movements of humerus and elbow joints are very thoracic. ♪ ♪

Reinforce shoulder joints, prevent myocard's heart attack. This exercise is called, because by doing it, a man describes with his hands a figure that resembles the Daosh symbol “Eight diagrams”, similar to a large S in a circle. Beginning position: get straight, feet on the shoulder width, hands hanging freely. ♪ ♪

Get rid of the weight. In this exercise, all movements resemble the flow of Ruch birds: Hands describe in the air a figure that resembles figure 8 on the side.
First position: get straight, feet on the shoulder. Stay calm, clear your chest, pull your stomach. Knees a little. ♪ ♪

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