пробовала разные медитации

Different Practice Of Meditation

В наше время практиковать медитацию можно в любом месте — хоть в рабочем кабинете.

Mediation practices: selection of time and place

Deep practice of meditationdifferent schools and directions recommend different hours of the day - for example, yoga has adopted meditation at sunset and dawn. Well, then, how does the cygun school recommend drugs at midnight and noon. In fact, it's not a special time, it's a time to choose the time of the day that you can completely seize and expect no one to disturb you. If Mediation practice As a method of mouse relaxation and voltage lifting after the fitness, it should be carried out immediately after the force and aerobic loads, in the course of your training.

A place for meditation is more important than time. They say that a real immersion master is capable of meditating and in the middle of a living street. But as long as you're not a master, choose private places - quiet, calm, where you feel comfortable and comfortable. The best thing is, if it's always the same place, the organism will get used to it, and every time, it'll be easier for meditating. It is believed that it is easier to practice medicine by turning face to the east.

Mediation practices: what matters before, during and after

If you're going to meditate to relax after the fitness, you don't need to slow down, just take a warm shower and wear light, clean, comfortable clothes. It's a good help to get yourself loaded and distract from the candles and the eastern aromatics (blasts). One likes a complete silence, another stops the flow of thought and resurrection helps monotony, calm music or negro rhythm.

Traditionally, it is accepted that the best breeding ground is " lotos " . But for the newcomers, it's not gonna be comfortable (if it's possible without a proper stretch and training). Therefore, a more relaxed Turkish post would also come for the first time. But in fact, you can meditate in any position, even sitting on a chair or lying in a bed. The most important thing is for the back to be straight, so the reason not to provoke you to your sleep, but it wasn't too uncomfortable or painful. Don't be surprised if you feel cold, it's okay, because the blood slows down from the permanent seat. For comfort, you can be covered with ice. Body should be as relaxed as possible, hands on knees, hands up, chin down, eyes closed.

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