йога для начинающих дома

Iodine Medicine Practices

Практика в Сахаджа ЙогеYou have to clean yourself once in the evening, just like you do the daily bathroom, and one morning you must pray, that's all. There's no need for ritualism, and there's nothing you can do from the morning until the evening, try to remember everything and then become fanatics. Such fanaticism can be very dangerous. Ritual must be in the heart." (Sri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Jogi)

Your first practical step was (or should be) the awakening of your Kundalini, its connection to the General Power of Love and the receipt of you Yoga (the Union). It's a very important step. Without that, you may think that "You practice medicine, you feel the energy inside of you."but it'll just relax the body with nice feelings. Self-realization will test your living mechanism, which you had before failed. Kundalini ' s energy is a miracle of manhood in the mother ' s womb, and the residual energy turns into three and a half turns at the base of the spine and expects a second birth as a spiritual person. It is after self-realization that a person, through his Cundalini, begins the process of self-identification and internal change through meditation and practical methods, but not before, so all of the following are all recommendations have no practical meaning without self-realization

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