Mediation Practices


Immediate developments

The beginning of a regular practice of meditation means changing the daily routine. Integrating short meditation into everyday life is relatively simple, but it is harder to fulfil the fundamental exercises of the Great Priest Priest (Tib nöndro). This will take longer. Here you will find some ideas and advice that will help make the first steps on the way.

When we Buddhists hear the word " practicals " , most of us, above all, think about practice of mediating♪ But Buddhist practice is more than that. There are many meditations that do not lead to liberation and education. At the practical level, all human quality, both positive and negative, can be developed through meditation. In order for meditation to reveal something positive in our mind that it guides us on the path to education, meditation must be supported by a pure vision and good behaviour, a complete Buddhist practice. An emancipating vision is given to knowing Buddha's explanations of the true nature of the mind; we listen to them, think about them, ask questions. Then we have internal confidence in these explanations.Детлев Гобел родился в 1960 году в Германии. Он работает в компании “BMW” («БМВ»), в отделе по развитию, является международным буддийским путешествующим учителем и редактором немецкого буддийского журнала “Buddhismus Heute” («Буддизм сегодня») The view leading through the practice of enlightenment is the consciousness of the unity of the suffering, the object of reliance and the very survival as parts of the whole, and the same understanding that all the quality of the Buddha nature is already in our mind.

Thanks to the meditation, what has been understood is becoming an experience, " falling from the head to the heart " . This path is not so much about knowledge, but in the knowledge of the nature of a mind that is beyond judgement and concepts.

The idea of the right behaviour, in turn, is not based on any model, as in the theistic religions of faith. Rather, it is a well-founded recommendation of Buddha that will help to achieve harmonious human development. We should see Buddha as a friend with a better vision, he draws our attention to the results of some behaviour and advises how to maintain the level of development achieved.

When we Buddhists hear the word " practicals " , most of us, above all, think about practice of mediating♪ But Buddhist practice is more than that.

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