Кундалини йоги

Mediation Practices For Purification Of The Subconscious

кундалини йога

The yoga arts were born in the Indian civilization culture in the 11th century before N.E., connects our individual limited consciousness with a transcendent consciousness, with the High I, unrelated, i.e. the Absolute Truth.

Also, yoga is a means of humiliating, curbing and gaining control over mind, emotions, feelings, body, that is, being subject to constant fluctuations and resentment. It's very important here to understand that we don't subdue them, but we take control of them so we don't be their slaves.

The word “Cundalini” has been translated as “locon”. It's the energy that's spiraled, "locon" that's in the man's vertebral base and sleeps until we practice Kundalini yoga, gradually clean up all the power channels on the body, balance the chakra. Then it'll automatically rise through all the chakra to the head mask. At this point, a man comes up with Samadhi's state, a consciousness when I know myself, the spirit is reminiscent of its true nature and, coming along with the original Light, sees things that they are, in fact, the beauty of God's Games.

The yoga uniforms are religion?

No, it's not religion.

All Cundalini yoga technology is aimed at developing individual human abilities in a manner that is sensitive and informed to manage the spiritual choice of a person, as well as his choices with regard to absorption and degrading habits. We have many technicians who are helping to gain experience in the relationship between their end-of-life and end-of-life relationships. Me. It's yoga, not religion.

It is spiritual in the view that it always has the experience of connecting with the big “I”, the community of other people and the larger areas in which we are involved.

Mostly, the Kundalini yoga practitioners note that their spiritual path has become deeper, no matter what tradition they belong to, since the level of energy is rising, emotions become cleaner and higher.

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