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Mediation Practices Of Jong Kabat Zin

altProof is persuasive: medicine can heal not only the spirit, but our body. It helps to combat depression, stress and its consequences for our health. It took decades for this news from the United States to spread beyond the world and to acquire supporters in France, Germany, Belgium. ♪

Medical treatment has been successfully applied in some European treatment facilities, although many professionals have so far been cautious, and in some countries, for example in Russia, there is little knowledge of its medical capacity. The " light " meditation showed its effectiveness thirty years ago, when John Kabat Zinn ' s biologist developed a series of exercises that include special breathing techniques and focus to " reduce consciousness-based stress " .

Today, cognitive therapy specialists are adding to these exercises the awareness of depressive status (unreasonably dark thoughts, the fall of self-esteem), as well as a gradual exercise of control over these mental processes: relaxation, irresponsible acceptance of their emotions and thoughts, and observation of how they " float like clouds " . The possibilities that this methodology could open were discussed with her author.

John KabatZinn (Jon Kabat-Zinn) is a biologist, Professor of Medicine, University of Massachusetts (USA). In 1979, he was found at the origins of " arc medicine " , first suggesting the use of medical treatment.

Psychologies: How did you come to use Buddhist stress-control drugs?

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  • John Kabath Zinn, " Wherever you go, you're already there " , Transson Institute Edition, 2000.
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