4 простые практики для набора энергии. Практика, медитация. Эзотерика и духовное развитие.Practice and meditation, exercises - specific practical exercises and technologies in various spiritual traditions and directions. It is the practice that enables the learner to gain new experience and move forward towards spiritual development. This section gathers medicine, exercise and spiritual practice. ♪

If you have habits that can't change how much you try, there's a way to fix it with Taro's help. It'll take Arkan Force. Lev, the picture on the map, is a symbol of the beast within us, a symbol of fear and passion that...

The following is a technique that will help you answer your question, who I am, exactly who you are. Go back to her more often when you think your life isn't all right. ♪

It is very important, especially the beginning of its spiritual path, to learn how to clean up negative energy and negative programmes. Energy self-control is a very important thing. But in this case, I will describe several ways of eliminating negative energy as the very foundation. ♪ ♪

Brief guidance on changing lifestyles. In a short time, you can become an alchemy of your own life. Screw your luck! This will require a couple of tools that everyone has in their arsenal. ♪ ♪

Friends, sometimes in the morning, we feel tired. Like, after a dream, it's got to feel restless, and it's the other way around. Someone feels broken, tired, reckless, stunned, and someone feels like the whole night of "mocks."

Friends, I want to share a little, but very useful meditation with you. With this difficult practice, you will be able to build on positive energy, bring yourself into a state of calm, appeasement. ♪ ♪

At the moment of nervous stress, we unconsciously delay breathing or breathing often and superficially. And here's a rhythmical, deep breathing, a reliable and proven way to relax quickly and calm down.

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