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Relaxing Techniques

After you've learned a simple relaxing methodology, we'll look at further deep relativation. Thus, everyone will be able to find the simplest and most convenient method of deep reclamation and recreation.

Stage 1.

Consciously relax the muscles of the whole body from the top down or downwards, skipping all over the body a wave of relaxation. In a few minutes, see if there's room and voltage left. Focusing on the clamp, achieving full relaxation.

Stage two.

Recovery of nervous system, internal voltage withdrawal. This phase is more complex, but the relaxation method is the same as the thoughtful imagination. Imagine the drain. Leaving water takes all the nerve impulses. The body's getting heavy and it's a lead.

The ability to make the slightest move is lost. The whole body is attached.

Релаксация с визуализацией морского отливаPhase three.

Full deep breath. Imagine that together with the air, we're breathing the flow of life's energy. All we breathe is air. The energy is distributed throughout the body by filling it. All life processes in the system are slowing down, the nervous system is calming down.

Stage four.

We move away from the perception of the world, we interrupt the stream of thought, and we go to a place where it is very pleasant to be here and to feel complete calm. Feel the beauty of this imaginary corner. After that, we turn on the picture and get rid of it, we're going out.

Yoga's recommending that you put your eyes underneath that moment. The muscles are completely relaxed, there are no thoughts, the nervous system rests.

After a while, to get out of relaxing, it's necessary to reach out, feel all of its body and turn on the sense organs.

Traditionally, this method is performed before and after yoga for 5 to 10 minutes, but it can be used to remove mental and physical stress, in sleeplessness, nervous disorders, increased blood pressure, in cardiovascular disease.

Another way of relaxing.

Get down on the floor or another convenient surface, get out. Put your hands above your head and put all the muscles on the body. Then put your hands down and feel completely relaxed. After that, close your eyes and focus on all the muscles of the body, starting with the squirrel and ending with the fingertips. It's the opposite of who's comfortable. Feel the weight in all parts of the body and in the whole body. The body became pork heavy and it was warm.

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