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Respiratory Practice Of Meditation

There are different types. Two main approaches, transcendent and integrated, can be identified as being used in advanced and modified minds.

A transcendere approach (from Latin transcendere to go beyond) takes the real world as an illusory. At the same time, human efforts are concentrated through the illusion of reality. As a result, many practitioners of respiratory practices, yoga, meditation, etc. use these methods as a means of avoiding the difficulties of the world of material objects to the world of their own fantasies.

The integration approach (from Latin integratio - recovery, integer - whole) adopts the total reality of the material world objectively and proposes not to fight the material world, creating fragmentation of consciousness, but to accept it fully, thus achieving the integrity of consciousness. It also uses various respiratory practices. The use of respiratory practices is different. Human efforts are focused on understanding conflicts and tensions in their minds and ways of integrating them. Integrative psychotechnologies do not remove a person from the material world.

In all the diversity of respiratory psychologics, Five main areas:

Rebefing (core - Leonard Orr);
Viwayne (founded by Jim Lenard and Phil Laut);
Holotropic breathing (core - Stanislav Grof);
LRT - Training of Loveliness Interchanges (founded by Sandra Ray and Bob Mandela);

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