Это медитация в релаксации

The Practice Of Meditation For The Return Of Love

Молитва на возврат энергий. Практика, медитация. Эзотерика и духовное развитие.I'm asking my Stine Creator, all the High Light Forces I need today, to collect from all my energy information space, from aura, bipola, from all systems and organs, up to the inner, intra-cage level, all the energy I'm willing or unintentionally, to take from other people in the past, this and future. I'm asking them for forgiveness, forgive me, and let me go to God's Court. Amen.

And I forgive you all and let you go to the Court of God. Amen.

And all the energy I've been given in the first place, at the time of my birth, according to the Divine Plan, find, re-establish (if necessary, substitute), clean, pass through the filters and return to me in the past, present and future, starting this second and forever. Amen.

My true Creator! Do it right! Do it right! Do it right! Amen.

Use God!

The services of the shaman, the master of energy, the healer of the New Time will help solve the health problems (physical and mental), eliminate interference in your life by black magic and seek peace and integrity.

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Video master class (2 pp.45) includes female and TechnologyI don't know! It is important for a woman to be sincere and motivated. The practice is performed once and for life. The assignments are simple and effective. Maybe another woman.

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