Медитация для тела или лучшее

Which Results In Meditation

Why meditation?

More than 7 billion people live on Earth, and we all know each other on average in only six hands (see). In addition, people are very close to mental and emotional connections even in the absence of direct physical contact.

In practice, it means that if you arrive in a steadfast condition, it will be felt by those around you and those who think of you, and to some extent, it will affect those you think about.

I mean, your condition, being permanently retrieved, will necessarily affect anyone who has something to do with you.

It says "Good for yourself, and thousands will be saved." Your personal contribution to the general psycho-emotional background of the place you live in, and the impact on the status of those you communicate with, you cannot be underestimated.

Naturally, we can only be physically alone and mentally concentrate on something in any positive state. Then our thoughts and emotions are calming down, we can relax, get a better internal state and make it sustainable. It's called meditation.

If the state of certain quality is sustained by a group of people (there is group meditation), there is a synergy, and the impact of a positive emotional field, both within the group and on its surroundings, increases more than seven times.

Science point

At some point, there was a need for scientific (experienced) evidence of the positive impact of regular collective media on society. This was done by the spiritual teacher Maharishi Mahes Yoga, who disseminated the world ' s practice Trans-shipment (TM) and an inspired scientific study of its effect, which was called the Maharishi Effect.

Between 1974 and 1990, some 40 studies of the Maharishi Effect at the city, country and regional levels and at the global level were carried out. Details of these studies can be read here: or here:

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