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Китай vs ЯпонияChina vs Japan

10 differences between the two countries, the hosts of the eastern culture.

We often say, the eastern culture, but we are confused by ourselves, China or Japan. They're different, by the way. We have prepared a material that will learn once and for all to distinguish these two countries.

Home and guests

There's no shoes in China.

Unlike Japanese and Koreans, Chinese people don't take their shoes off when they come into the house. But there are exceptions, so if you go inside, you'd better clarify.

Китай vs ЯпонияIn Japan, shoes are removed

All houses, many hospitals, restaurants and some offices need to take off shoes. So the socks should always be whole and clean. Under the rules of decency, shoes need to be socked to the exit. If you forget to do this or don't pay attention to ignorance, the host or staff of the institution will do it for you. It's remarkable that if you're going to visit the bathroom, you'll find special slippers.


Китай vs ЯпонияChina doesn't bow

Unlike the Japanese, the Chinese don't cry every time they want to greet someone or say goodbye. The Chinese can worship only in the event of a very high degree of respect for a man, a special ceremony or a holiday. In a time of dynasty, if the guest came to the Emperor, he had to make a deep slope and touch the head nine times. There were no other worships.

In Japan

Slopes are an integral part of Japanese life. They don't even notice it, even when they talk on the phone. Slopes are divided by depth and length: a welcoming clone of 15°, a respectful of 30°, a worship of the highest respect 45° and a precinct, touching the head to the floor.

Китай vs ЯпонияReligion

In China, confusion / Daosism / Buddhism

Since the beginning of China ' s history, none of the faiths have been dominated and demanded unconditional commitment. One person could have practised several religions immediately.

In Japan, syntoism

The national religion of Japan is syntoism. The Japanese believe that everyone around them has divine and spirits, even a stone. Syntoists also believe in magic, totoemism (according to individual animals) and fetishism (surrection in supernatural power of amulets and talismans).

Китай vs Япония Китай vs Япония Китай vs Япония Китай vs Япония
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