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Active Meditation


Perhaps one of the best lines about this genre belongs to the Bardesse Olga Arefyeva: "Jonglers are people who constantly concentrate on a more sophisticated understanding of the trajectory of things and events. It gives love, respect and indifference to substantive peace. To a man who constantly builds himself on the most precise motions, alienating destructiveness, will you agree that you will not bury electricity or paint walls after hours and months of concentration on the thintest? The actions of the juggler are as material as possible. "So it's a growing attitude to life as a feast and a game, which, however, is valuable, has everything to do with everything."

Born from circus art in the '80s of the twentieth century, contact juggling has become popular thanks to Michela Moshen, the American juggler and the master of the scenery. It's his idea not to throw objects into the air like a classic juggling, but to roll them over the body. And the genre flourishes: circus artists and fire show artists, comedians and street artists include juggling elements in their feathers, but it is contact, as a matter of intimacy, approaching philosophy and even religion.

The sphere is an ideal form of simulus, a simple model of the Earth and the universe (at least, according to Johanna Keplera). Jogging itself is a practice like meditation. Both demand to stop the movement of thought by focusing at this moment. Only if in meditation it's breathing in a mobile body, the juggling is a balance in the dynamic. The joglers learn to listen to invisible and see invisible. Listening to the reactions of their body, they learn to hear themselves and then others. They learn to control themselves. Focusing on this myga (until the ball fell) they learn to be at " now " . This in turn leads to consciousness. Awareness in every movement is the motto of people practising this art.

Knowledge and consciousness, being in the present is the values of the eastern philosophical and religious exercises, such as Buddhism. And jugglers often follow them by combining their lifestyles and juggling and yoga. For example, a French artist, called an illusionist for his effective performances, during which he makes objects levitate, Christian Joyty, a long-term yoga practitioner, introduces her elements into her speeches. Yoga and juggling often co-exist in the respective training centres.

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