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Basic Health

Ханна Нидал
Hearing, Thinking, Meditation

Medication is the most important part of our journey. Karma Kaguy's school is focused on practice, where we first get knowledge, then think and finally mediate. Education, reflection and medicine are necessary for any Buddhist practice♪ Our line of continuity focuses on meditation, but in order to succeed in practice, it is necessary to reconcile it in a harmonious way with teaching, only then will we have the right idea of what we do and what we do. The training enables a newcomer to develop the right view, because it is important to understand how medicine works.

Why isn't the right view and behavior enough? Why else meditate? The reason is in the habits of mind that are so strong in ordinary people that they can only be changed by meditation. Neither the highest view nor the good behaviour can change the usual reactions in mind. It's only meditation.

Ханна и Оле НидалAdherence and non-violence

It's good to know what to draw attention during the meditation so that you don't take your old habits into it. If you see how mind works, it's easy to see that he's always busy with something he wants or avoids. Pretty simple, isn't it? That's really how it works. When we like something, we get involved and want it. Then there's a desire to hold: if the object is really good, I want to keep it if the moment is beautiful, I want it to happen again. On the contrary, we try to avoid anything that causes obscenity, do everything we can to stay away from it as far as possible.

Same as meditation. There are normal trends in mind - without thinking, we take them to meditation. To prevent it, it takes all the time to be alert.

For example, when we meditate on the Diamond Um, we may have a good concentration, we may be able to experience ease, pleasant inspirational feelings. Usually, we like it and next time we get to meditate, we want the same feeling again. However, another time, it is possible to have an exact opposite experience that would not like at all. So smart.

Sometimes, during the meditation of the Almas Oum, we might be uncomfortable. In this practice, many negative minds are emerging. ♪ ♪

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