Необычное вокруг нас

Bioenergy Aura

The thin fields surrounding the physical body of a person, or otherwise, AURA, are the information that may be encapsulated on various areas of human life: physical condition, emotions, thoughts, but also the structure of his soul. Aura is our energy-information radiation that we send to the world that connects us to God's structures.
Knowing the structure of the aura helps the actor bioenergy to manunderstand what changes and what areas are going on. Where there are distortions, what field and how they look at physics, emotions and events. This knowledge comes to help with diagnostics in determining the starting point of the problem.
Aura is directly linked to the man ' s chacral system, as the main power rod, the nadia channels and the ordinary man has eggs. There are several layers, the main seven different vibrations.
The lowest vibrant body is ether than the physical body has fields, the darker vibration. The aura of enlightened people is spreading and growing at a distance and has a direct exit to the Divine Source. The energyly weak man has a small and breathless auru, with strong power, the aura is large and dense, and it is hard to break with various impacts.
The three first thin bodies display the information that we are carrying in the present form, as well as the information on the kind we have entered in this life. They're talking about our parents, what they gave us when they were conceived. So we need to look for some sort of trouble in this field.
The physical body is the most dense, material part of the man,
Ethical body♪ It's talking about the state of the human body. It includes energy meridians connecting different bodies in the body and feeding their energy (Cas or Ki, energy of life) and accumulating points. It also contains the mainframes on the central energy pillar. The target population is most likely to work with this field, re-establish energy, if necessary, astral (on psychosomatic diseases). The energy coming from our food, water, air, sexual relations is connected to the air body, in fact, is the energy matrix that is physically built.

Astral field♪ It's a field of our emotions and desires, what we see when we take off the aura. It will tell us what emotions the man has, what vibration he lives on, and it affects the flower gamma of aura.
If the aura is red orange yellow. What we can say is that a person is most concerned about domestic problems: security, domestic problems and sexuality, just as his own will. Green is the co-operation of anyone, the heart and prayer of such people are open to God. Blue gives creative revelations, self-expression. The blue-violet spectre speaks of people who are mentally active and seek spiritual disclosure. Flower conformity in the aur has historically been found in many esotteric directions and is almost identical everywhere. Grey and black colours indicate where low-frequency or stagnant energy is accumulated. They can indicate both negative emotions and chronic diseases.
A man with strong emotions is often unharmonic and his feelings (extraction of energy) feed outside vampires and his own.
Ment field♪ It can tell us what thoughts and ideas the man's head is. What kind of mouse he gives birth. It is a repository of thought accumulated in this life. Allows a man to be well-advised in a socialist, but he doesn't get up in the Divine Fields, because they're impossible only with one consciousness.
The three above-mentioned layers are commonly affected by various energy information structures, often called flaws. These structures may block the work of certain chakra. The chakraes are also connected to the channels of the Nadi, which build a human connection to the outside world. If they're blocked, then that lifeplastic for which the chakra is responsible or completely blocked or lost with distortions. The energy information structure that has been created for negative situations will influence them.
Any passionate emotion or desire, obsession of any idea creates energy that can grow up and also block the chakra and energy channels. This nature will also take the vast amount of human energy. At the same time, it could be any idea of fixing, resentment, birth of a child, wanting to succeed in a business. All religions of the world object to passion. ♪ ♪

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