Cigun Meditation

Цигун. Теория и практика Цигун. Направление духовного развития Цигун. Эзотерический порталPractice and meditation, exercises - specific practical exercises and technologies in various spiritual traditions and directions. It is the practice that enables the learner to gain new experience and move forward towards spiritual development. This section is assembled Medicine technologyexercises and spiritual practices. ♪

" Column " is classical technician cygun, which has a general reinforcing effect at all levels of human body teles, energy and mental organizations. The cygun form, called " Column " , is intended to create a fully harmonious structure for all human organisms, which are body, energy and consciousness. ♪ ♪

The exercises that are part of the " Lessons Learn Lotus " are based on the principles of " sky-human connections " , yin theory and five elements.

Immotechnician, " Cigoon memorial " , has been designed to improve the effectiveness of the training process. Its practical value has been confirmed by experiments and has already gained considerable experience in its application.

Cigun rehabilitative exercises are very useful not only for cygun specialists, but also can be used by ordinary people who want to correct their health and prevent the emergence of diseases. The exercises are simple, easy-to-do and quick.

The proposed complex comprises three types of exercises: south of the south of Zheng Gun, Laanhua Zhoun (Buton Lotosa) and south of Fanlan Gun. Fanlan Gong, in the exercise of the south, is weakening or completely eliminating the sense of hunger. ♪ ♪

"Sitting alone" is one of the basic health techniques. During "sitting," it's bound to start a "right cy" movement. There are many cases in which a man washed with a mass of chronic illnesses thanks to an uncomplicated cigon, which is a seat with his legs scattered with a concentration on the Danes. ♪ ♪

This exercise is being implemented in three stages. The first phase is " the ereliance of the inner view " . The principles of the exercise of this phase are based on traditional Chinese medicine ' s perceptions of the interrelationship between the functions of vision and internal bodies.

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