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Deterioration Meditation

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Can't you control your weight? Can't you control the feelings of hunger? Are you afraid of your weight testimony? Have you tried, pills, teas, questionable fluids, sugar substitutes, special creams, applicators and stickers for troubled places? Maybe six months ago, you even made leposia and leather lift, but the weight's always coming back? It's okay!

It's normal because in the circumstances you're in, your unconscious choice of your best survival weight. It's just under some circumstances, having that weight, you're avoiding some more significant negative consequences for yourself. But it doesn't matter, because with your own unconsciousness, you can agree on another desired weight. And the way, it's called meditation.

- It's a special way to change the functioning of its organism, change food habits and change the constant sense of hunger. For self-study, meditation can be used as video and audio material. You'll find the best of them on this website. Enough. Listen to meditation. and the process of deterioration will go on its own. You don't think that happens?

Everything in our lives is possible. And meditation can also contribute to feeling and feeling. It is not a gift, despite the fact that the practice of meditation has opened humanity for itself a few thousand years ago, it has not yet been forgotten or abandoned.

All audio and video meditations are found in public and collected in one place.

Today, I have gathered a collection of practical meditations to degrade in order to review what has been conceived, open. Analyse the good points and take into account the bad ones. Examine the basic assumptions on which the meditations for the deterioration are constructed. Okay. ♪ ♪

Natalie Gnestedyl

The meditation contains positive reinforcements and direct, policy commitments. It's very useful, in carrying out this meditation, to read from the screen and to talk about the ethics. They will also contribute to accelerated calorium combustion.

The meditation is recommended to be standing, not lying! Every day or day.

In regular practice, you will burn up to 300 grams of fat sediment in your system.

Mediation Instruction:

  • Doing standing;
  • You breathe mouth often.
  • To avoid breathing, to repeat itself;
  • Do not more than once a day;
  • Work with only one part of the body once.
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