Gong Meditation

Гонг-медитацияWe need a minute to learn how to play the race and the whole life to have them.

♪ Nanak Dev Singh

Gong-Mediting was represented by a wide range of Jogi Bhajan, one of the greatest teachers of the 20th century who opened the world with a direction like Kundalini Yoga. He said that the race was the first instrument retained by a man. The sound of Gong is capable of dispelling and circumventing human thoughts.

Виктория Яровая | Преподаватели Фестиваля Free SpiritHe publishes resonant vibrations identical primary vibration of Om or AU. It's the original sound of the universe's creation. For a man's mind, Gong's sound is like a mother and a father giving him the opportunity to regenerate. The mind is losing the ability to resist Gong after three minutes of magical sound.

The sound of the race contributes to deep relaxation, freeing us from the rapid flow of thought, freeing our brains, and it stimulates the system to work deep.

Gong is transforming feelings that are blocked by strong emotions and restored them. These experiences can be scary, erotic, exciting, or pleasure. It's for everyone. Gong is shaking the body and has a strong influence on the meridians. The hounds remove blocks and clips, reduce tension and encourage fluid circulation in the body. As a result, emotional energy and feelings are transformed and interlinked within the body structure.

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