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tnt210716On this Saturday, 23 July, at 7:30, in the next series of the Extrasens Project is investigating. The battle of the strongest " witches of Elena Golounov and the " Rentgen man " Alexander Litwin will try to understand the boy ' s birth history with the developmental features. This sensation for viewers will be the return to TNT of one of the most mysterious psychics of Vitaly Gibert, who, after four years of silence, will join Elena and Alexander in the investigation of this case.
This time, Tatyana and Alexandre ' s spouses, born with a scary diagnosis of Dawn ' s Syndrome, sought assistance from the Extrasensa investigation project. At first glance, there is nothing strange about this: children with developmental characteristics are born quite often. But Tatiana and Alexander are sure it's not an accident. Unfortunately, many close people were against their relationship and did not wish them well, and some even said terrible things.

So did their long-awaited child with such diagnosing be someone's curse? The winner of the 6th season of the Bitch of the psychics, Alexander Litwin, who is known to be able to view people ' s energy and draw conclusions on the basis of " visible " , is Elena Golonov ' s finalist, the 13th Beatwa, who can easily see the ruins and curses imposed on people. A third psychic who will try to understand what happened in this family will be the winner of the 11th Vitaly Gibert Show, who triumphantly returned to the " Extraens conduct investigations " after a long absence of TV.
Irina Stennov, project producer: " This time the case is being investigated by three very bright psychics, each of which has proved and shown its strength and ability on the air. Alexandre, Elena and Vitaly examined the family ' s history from different sides and made important conclusions. The real sensation for viewers will be the return on the TV of Gibert. For four years after the victory at the Beetwe of the psychics, we had little knowledge of him, he categorically refused all videos on television. Gibert spent months in meditation and travel around the world. He says he's learned from the wise men from all over the planet. And this Saturday, the project audience will see Vital again on screens. "
Whether the psychics can help Tatiana and Alexandra, why Elena Goldun has so much touched this case, and most importantly, who is responsible for having a child born with such a terrible diagnosis, TNT viewers on Saturday, 23 July, at 7:30.

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