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Klaus Jool Meditation

Name: Medical. Love
I feel grateful for all the events you'll be able to come to you today. The love you will send to the world will return to you 10 times and bring with you incredible, beautiful gifts. The gifts are small and big...
“Meditations. Love is an audio app to Klaus J. Joel's book "Messenger."

Title: Money is love, or something to believe.
655 Mb

klausjoehle-dengiThe author describes how to learn how to live in abundance: to have money and to dispose of it in a literate manner. Klaus Joel, on a case-by-case basis, demonstrates what needs to be done to become a legitimate and happy owner of $3,6 million. Turns out when you learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings every day, you can be a very rich man. Open your abilities and create the fantastic life you want!


Name: Messenger. Truth story about love
199 Mb

The Envoy proposes a different view of reality, other laws that govern this reality, and other lives with great potentials that many do not even suspect.
Prepare to travel on a journey that most of us thought was possible only at the rare moments when we tried to dream of impossible...

Name: shameful secret. Keys to hidden power
248 Mb

ri98475The shameful secret of Klaus J. Joul tells us that many may seem impossible, unbelievable. He claims that if a man is to work with love, he will be able to access other parallel worlds, he will be able to live several lives...

Name: Going out with the Piano Leprechaun, or how do you find your Grace?
62 Mb

mard1499bigIt's been with you when it's kind of all right, like everything you want to achieve is achieved, and the feeling of satisfaction is that there's no joy for success? Klaus J. Joel survived something like this and tried to figure out why it happened, and how to avoid eternal discontent with himself, inspiration and joy of life...

Title: Money-raising your life
62 Mb

"The money is energy, money is love.
It's what money means to you: freedom, real freedom! Real confidence. And the feeling that the universe is taking care of us so much that it gives us that money. "

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