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мадитация оккультизмThese are reports of influence, damage to medication from those who do it, sent by them themselves. Many of the mediators have for the first time thought about what they've been doing, just after they've noticed that after the meditation, the headaches or the health and human relationships have worsened, or very strange things have started to happen in their sleep. They questioned " Is it possible to meditate? " , came to our site, compared their experiences with other people, and realized the terrible truth. ♪ ♪

Eugenia Trubinov, 39

A story about how a woman tried to correct her health through healing medicine. But instead of meditation, she's faced with harm to meditation. This withdrawal of meditation will increase your view of the problem. The whole purpose of the seminars was to become more free and dissolved. Raise consciousness. The purpose of life was to come to light. But in the end, this attitude to life leads to a ease of life, a change of priorities, a change of traditional attitudes towards the family, a life that contributes to the protection of a person from a social mind.

Marina, 21

That's where I got a book that offered to solve all my problems and satisfy all my wishes. I won't describe in detail the way that I read, so no one gets tempted. Although I think someone who finishes the story doesn't have it. I'll just say that the effect is achieved through basic meditation (no test), the imaginary coast and the treatment of the highest forces. The way, while containing several phases, is extremely simple. And to my imagination, all I wanted was to make a living. Absolutely everything! Human actions, events, etc. The benefits of the meditation were not clear, but it brought me great pleasure. ♪ ♪

Евгения Трубинова, 39 лет Протоиерей Игорь Гагарин Анна Странник Терентий Смирнов
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