Как открыть третий глаз?

Mediation Of The Third Eye

Третий глаз: легкий путь его пробуждения. Статья. Эзотерика и духовное развитие.You'll never look at things like before.

The third eye is closely linked to the sixth closet and is between the eyebrows, slightly above the porter. With the use of a third-eye meditation, you can open up your delicate feelings and embrace multi-dimensional worlds and energy. The third eye is the centre of clarity and is more relevant to the ability to intuitively see or perceive thin energy. Sometimes it's called a sixth sense, which means access to information that lies outside the recognized five physical feelings.

Maybe you won't be bright or spiritually enlightened, but it will increase the energy perceptions around you, and it can be very useful in clearing blocks, problems or other restrictions, when you find information from your past, and you will get new and higher levels of consciousness.

Clearance is a vision of aura, pictures, chakra and other spiritual aspects. Sometimes the ability to see non-physical areas, angels and other sizeable creatures and objects. Third eye medical help open it and make it possible to use it. Connection of the third eye to the crown closet gives the opportunity to see color.

When the third eye opens, there are several flowers coming out of it. It can be gold, silver beams or white light flows coming into it when it gets information. When the third eye opens more and more, the light grows stronger and wider.

When you practice a third-eye meditation, it shows not only colours but also vague images. With experience, these images become more clear and realistic. Then the pictures become clearer than what we see physical sight.

When you open your third eye, you see the energy fields surrounding the human body, or more accurately, the auru or the bipolar that have a lot of information. One of the Aura ' s sections, known as mental, is responsible for beliefs and conclusions from life experience, and the other is emotional, which gives photographs and emotions of experience.

Why is the third eye usually blocked from most people? Because the third eye is connected to the first, second and third chakra through the thin shoelaces that cause reductions in it. Most people have debris, usually in the form of insurance and mistrust. The meditation is an opportunity to clear these blocks. It is important to understand that the opening of the third eye requires many practices and patience for some time.

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