Правильная медитация


МедитацияThe word "meditated" lies in the indo-Europe foundation, an ancient Indian "samadhi" which describes the final state of medicine - the psychophysical state of "straighty awakening." More recently, the meaning goes to the ancient Greek word "medomai," which means "I'm thinking," and, at the latest, to the Latin "meditatio" - "consciousness."

Meditation has been extremely widespread these days: many would like to experience this state, which all sources describe as extremely pleasant and beneficial to humans.

Meditation is usually associated with peace, harmony, stress and tension. But there's no one who knows exactly what the term "meditation" means and how to learn how to mediate.

Medication is a process of calming the mind from its active surface level, level of thought and sense towards an area of growing and greater peace, through increasingly subtle, deeper aspects, to a state where there is no mental activity, but a person is in an informed state (not sleeping). This state is also called "fine consciousness," "fine" because mind (conscious) doesn't have any other object of perception here but himself.

In neurophysics, it's a deep state of the rest of the rest of the world that's known as "straight alert."

Medical - it's completely out of your mind, transcending thoughts. Medication is a pleasure in a state of "just being." So it can be said that the Meditation is the experience of a person's immediate reliance on my own "I" and the repetition of this experience is the knowledge of "I" human. That's what the Meditation is.

Medication is the immersion in my own "I." And I'm a man with a potential that far exceeds traditional materialistic notions of what the man is.

Therefore, the Meditation, if it is routinely engaged, revives this potential within the human person, which has been proved scientifically and confirmed by the experience of millions of people, has resulted in remarkable beneficial effects for the mind, health and life of human beings.

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