Медитация: с чего начать?

Medication From Where To Begin

СаморазвитиеBy writing this article, I feel a huge responsibility. Because I am perfectly aware of the delicate, servitude that requires a person at the time of the search for the point where self-development begins.

How and when to start self-development? How not to begin.

That is why I will try to give the most understandable and appropriate answer to the main question of this article. But far from any answer, it might be a good thing, as it did not accurately reflect the main stages of self-development, there is always a danger that this answer can scare you, force you to put your hands down at a point that might be the most responsible, important moment in your life when it is determined that you will follow the path of self-improvement or continue to live your previous life. I'll explain it down a bit.

Many information sources trying to answer the question "How to start self-development?"the reader has a lot of advice. These councils cannot be described as harmful or wrong. They're just-just untimely. As they propose to begin to make fundamental changes in lifestyles, habits, schedules of the day, social relations of the outcome, in general radically re-examine the present, customary situation of things.

Such councils, which call for a dramatic, rapid change, suggest a tremendous force of will and energy for whom they are addressed. Not everyone is capable of breaking up with their favorite habits, quitting drinking and smoking, enlisting in the gym, starting to organize free and working hours, ending the useless, non-productive Internet blossom and reading books or other sources that contribute to personal self-development together with the general audit.

People get used to their way of life, which is why they can't make a magic wand, rebuild it and start changing to the best. In particular, such a radical shift towards new habits, as well as regulation, requires such things as willpower, character, determination, focus on objectives, decision-making, responsibility for them. These things are part of the development of the individual and are developing as the stages of self-development pass.

And if someone asks,where to begin self-development" , it is concluded that this " someone " is still only at the origins of this route and may therefore not possess any of the above-mentioned qualities.

Саморазвитие Начните медитировать
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