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Храм ВоскрешенияHey! I recently started sharing with you the equipment I use in my life to heal my condition. I've been telling you about two meditations, and, according to your feedback, you've loved these equipment. I'm glad.

And today, in the run-up to Easter, I'm offering you another meditation called "Transition Travel."

The healing energy of resurrection is available to people all the time, but in the days of Easter, its strength is doubled. I've been doing this meditation for the third year a few days before Easter and the holiday itself, and I've always felt its strength.

Friends, because this product is a feeble product, I can't put it down for download. You can only listen to this meditation on my website. Enjoy your audition.

And if you're interested in what this is, the temple of resurrection and how it heals, a piece of Aurelia Louisa Jones's book, "Tellos."

Oh, my God.

“... The resurrection flame is not unique in its healing qualities. Its scope is enormous. Today, we will consider only the main points of his influence... If you remember, Master Jesus 2000 years ago used this flame to resurrect his body. That could give you a clue... What this great Avatar did 2000 years ago, you could do today.

... Keep in mind that during Easter, before and after, the Resettlement Plama is the most active. This time is the most efficient time to work with him, to fill your mind, your essence and your world with his energy...

When you want to heal something in your body., you need the Recreation Plum to make the frequency you already have. You're no longer looking for superficial, temporal healing; you want something permanent that will raise you to a new height... You want the healing to be so full that it displays your divineness once and for all in all of its original beauty. It's your right to be born, the right of the child of God...

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