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Melody For Meditation

Medication, in translation from Latin, means thinking, thinking, nudging. It is a human condition in which his soul and mind are in harmony with each other and the surrounding world. And this amazing spiritual practice is available to everyone.

She helps calm down, relieve stress and depression. It's tidal. It brings joy and improves the emotional state of a person, in general.

There is a large number Mediation equipmentSomeone's staring at the candle flames, someone's embedded from the surrounding world and looking inside himself, and someone else's music is the most helpful.

All these soundings are unintentionally connected together - natural sound sounds are perfectly supplemented by the remarkable melody of the flute and the universe. And they think it's the most important and scrupulous sound.

That makes it beautiful. music for meditation






My world

Construction of music for meditation


Seabed Video

The video is for users with a fast Internet. The video file is a little over 50 Mb. Once the file is downloaded, the rain video will be going forever, like all our sounds. At a good Internet speed, you won't even notice the download. And if you have a weak internet, you can press the "Get" button and wait for the full download of the video. However, there's no way to hide a skate window or it'll be downloaded from the start. You can turn the video on the screen.

We're on the Android OS!

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